The Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign operations works with the engagement of different groups, agencies and the Community members themselves.

These are the ‘Variables’ of the Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign System.

Each one is important to the success of reducing the crimes which take place in Queenstown’s Nightlife.

Each one plays their role and each role is as important as the next, and only by working together can we remove the thought of “Impossible”. Only Together.

The First Variable is the ‘Senior Security Personnel’ of the Members Bars, this variable plays their role in having to have first hand contact with the Violent Offenders that we are to rid from Queenstown.

More information upon this Variable can be found upon ‘The Bouncers’ Page.

The Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign Members all have Security Personnel working at their Bars, each one of them unfortunately will be involved at some stage with an event where a Violent offender shall either be attacking them or another member of the Community. Their main role is to enforce and maintain the system of operations when it comes to Identifying, Investigating, Enforcing and Protecting.

Every Single Security personnel under the Campaign is vital to the success of the Campaign. Each one must be at the Level required to positively influence the Campaign, and one of the reasons why the Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign is transparent, so as the community can be assured that this variable is working and doing its job as it should be.

The Second Variable within the System is the Queenstown Police.

More information’s upon this variable can be found upon the ‘Queenstown Police QVFB’ Page.

The Queenstown Police play a smaller part within the system, but none the less a very important role.

The system itself relies upon the Enforcement of Laws, a range of laws and the Queenstown Police are the ones that are to enforce those laws.

The variables must work together to ensure that the protection of the community is paramount and working. The Queenstown Police as a variable must work in conjunction with the Security Personnel. Only by working together and ensuring a greater collaboration between the variables can the Nighttime community be safer.

To ensure that this engagement and collaboration of working together, as directed by the System of operations, transparency must be maintained.

The importance of each role played by each member of each variable is such that any deviation from the system or a breach in the efficiency of what is needed for the System to work, must be found as soon as possible. Prompt identification can allow for re-educated or replacement with someone who will undertake the role of those who fail in the protection of the people.

Only through transparency can the community have trust in these very people that the community relies upon to protect them.

The Queenstown Police engagement in the system with the other variables means that they will:

  1. Be able to obtain material evidence at a faster rate than before,
  2. That the charging of the offenders will be of a more serious nature, and
  3. The Rate of Conviction of offenders shall increase.

All of which comes from the Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign system of operations.

The Queenstown police, as with the Senior Security Personnel on those doors in and around Queenstown, are all accountable to the community.

Only through the transparency of these variables working together can the community have peace of mind that they are making Queenstown a safer place.

This brings us to the Last Variable: The Community itself.

More Information upon this Variable can be found upon the ‘COMMUNITY’ Page.

Only through the community can the impossible be achieved. No one wants to be around violent people. No one wants to have predators lurking around the corner, and this is why the community is as much an important role as the others.

Violent and Sexual Predators do not care about the police knowing who they are or even the security from bars in Queenstown.  This is why and how they return to their stalking grounds. But, what would happen if the community were suddenly involved in a system of creating a Violence Free Town?

The community itself must make the statement to those who offend and those who are thinking about it, that if they decide to try and sneak past security at the door and drink in a bar that they are barred from, that it isn’t just that one lone Bouncer they should be afraid of, it should be the whole community.

The community’s role is to help the variables in identifying the offenders, if indeed they have managed to get past security at a door. The community are to be the eyes of the system. The community is to know that the security at the bar that they are in have all been taught the procedure that will be enacted by them, if indeed a patron identifies an offender.

The community knows the process because it is shown to them. The community, for the first time, will have first hand experience of  the role of the security personnel.


Because only by working together can we achieve the impossible. The community is to take the role of the assessor in events in which the Security and community are working together.

Only together will we achieve what has been failed at before. Together as a community we are to change the culture of Queenstown’s Nightlife, Together.







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