So, here we are in Week 4.

February the 7th, So, what i will be doing is giving a Progress Report as we place in the Pilot as an Organisation from the outside, not a government agency, or a New Zealand Security Company or a Council project.

None of that, buy now you know who we are and what it is that we are doing.

So, it will be difficult, we are definitely up against it. As Bouncers and an Organisation called a Quazi Acronym The ‘B.R.A.W.L‘ and the New Zealand Chief Executive being Jonathan Dixon ‘The Tindall affair’ and the people who dislike being called out about their values by a ‘Bouncer !!”, Oh man, are we up against it.

But if we don’t do it, NOBODY does it and it will never happen again. Don’t ever think it will as this is the one and only time. As by now you may agree.

So, lets start here.

The Bars have been through the initial Contact. So our New Zealand representative Jonathan has been in Queenstown doing a ‘Walk-a-round’ and caught up with many bars General managers, owners and others Senior staff.

We have placed a Link here to the Video updates our NZ Rep has made for the NZ funding Video.
(In case you didn’t know each of the Models when laced in have to fund themselves in the community they are to protect).

He visited, 20 Bars and from the report we got back at Central Admin, it was received very well by all of the Bars.

Our Rep informed the bars that he would be be contacting them with a membership Sign Up page where they could sign up to become a member of the QVFB.

He has undertaken this task, and has been waiting for their reply as well as monitoring the Sign ups ourselves at Central.

Now, comes the 3rd section, As you also know by now, The Transparency of the model.

We are to show which bars have been contacted and which bars have replied and which bars are signing up, have signed up or refused to be a member.
The Schedules A and B are being sent to all Backpacker hostels in New Zealand as we are promoting Queenstown as a Place of security and that we take Tourist in our Country as a Priority and in doing so we are showing them which bars are Safe bars and Sanctuary Bars.
There below is the Initial Wall posting we shall be delivering to the Community upon our Facebook platforms around the internet.


So, this is the end of the Update on the PROGRESS REPORT.

We shall be updating these Progress Reports Bi Weekly so make sure you subscribe and keep an eye on those Bars that are becoming Safe Bars or Sanctuary Bars.

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