This is where we can view how bad it is, how it got here, what has been tried and failed, and the Goal of the Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign. All this overview is in regards to the horrific crime rate involving Serious Assaults and Sexual Crimes.



A Very Bad Headline.

Whats worse is they just keep coming.
STATS otagoand coming.

All you have to do is type ‘Violence Queenstown’ into Google and its not a pretty site.

google for blog

Now, some people will say that some of these stats are from a while back, they would be right, but their intention is to try and ave you think that since it was a while back that they don’t have any gravity, until you then find out that these stats now days are much worse than back then. So we use them as a way of showing the stats on violence here in Queenstown.

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There is no denying the fact that there is a very big problem with violence here in Queenstown. Now the Community as a whole, not just the nighttime community is effected by such Violence as it diminishes the look that Queenstown so desperately deserves.

Everyone it seems is saying that this kind of Culture, (Find more on the Drinking Culture of the Page). and the violence it brings with it has to stop, but the problem here is that the very people hat are saying that are the people that are meant to be stopping the violence, and if they are saying it then it means that they don’t have a plan to deal with it.

When you are visiting sites such as STUFF.NZ or the Herald online, the Headlines that come up most often for Queenstown are related to Alcohol Fueled Violence.

That paints the picture of Queenstown with a dirty brush and that has to stop.

No one can deny that there is a Very Bad Problem with this alcohol related Violence in the night time community, No one.We as a Community can fix those Headlines, to change that paint brush, but only as a Community together to stand up and create the Headline that we shall have under the New Community Policing Model.

So that those headlines paint this picture.

safest place






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