This is why we are here, why we do what we do, as Bouncers: ‘Protection of the People’. The very reason why.

The Community Policing Model is just that, we can only succeed in making Queenstown a safer place for our community not only if we work together but more importantly be a community.

It would be great if there were no predators out there, but there are, there are people out there that are not wired correctly. They are not dumb, they are not simple, they just are who they are: ‘Bad People’ and thus, why we are who we are.

We can only start the trust between us if we work together and when we do, to be as transparent as we can when we do so. It is the first time that this has ever happened within a Community Policing Model.

There are 3 things that our community must do.

  1. Help us identify an offender.
  2. Not accept violence or harassment within our community.
  3. Believe that we are a community.

If we are to rid our town of violence, if we are to triumph in changing the drinking culture in our little town, to change the attitudes towards Violence and sexual violence within our community, we must see ourselves as the community that we are. No separation of the community. We cannot separate our community by having an ‘Us and Them’ bias.

We cannot, if we are to stand up against this evil (and evil is what this is). You cannot separate yourselves from us, the nighttime community. The wider community and the business community and everyone else, including us, is the community.

You must not separate our community. We have to tackle this problem head on and we can only do that together.

We, the Bouncers of the community, will step in front of each Violent or Sexual offender. We will stop them from entering our bars, we will stop them from fighting on the street, we will place ourselves in grave danger so you don’t have too. We will do all that because we are a community. We do this because we want to protect our community, the people of our community that work in the business community, that live in the wider community, that do sports in the community, that have kids in schools in our community.

We can’t keep thinking that its someone else’s problem. That it’s the nighttime community and “they can deal with it”. We can’t do this without being a community.

Together… Together we can rid ourselves of this problem and only together. For this to work it starts with tearing down those bias and separation that we all have and understand that it’s one community that is made up of little families within the community.

We can do this. We really can. But only if we are that community.


This is another major hurdle that has to be solved within the New Community Policing Model. If we are to change the Drinking Culture, we think any strategy that doesn’t take into account the community as a whole can not only come together to solve this problem, but stay together. Together we will gain that feeling that as a community, we can see what we accomplished this together. We as a community have made our clubs and bars Predator Free.

A community that is concerned about each other, wanting others to feel better or do better, is what makes up a healthy community.

Queenstown can achieve that with the community policing model and by making it safer together we can achieve that measure as a community.

A safer community. A Community that shows its value system by way of saying “No!” to any Violence or Sexual Violence within our community. That is what we shall have.

We can achieve everything and anything, but only if we are Together.


As a Community.


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