Welcome to the Formal Blog – ‘QVFB CAMPAIGN’ ‘Queenstown Violence Free Bars’.

 We shall do our best to explain to all our audience the QVFB Campaign and why it is a Community-First Pilot.

First, to our Campaign Members we all say “Thank you all so much”, for joining the campaign in reducing the crime rate in our lovely little town. Together we can make this town a safer place for everyone, and that is the point of the QVFB Campaign.

Now, what is the QVFB Campaign and why is it a Community-First Pilot?


Our main objective of the campaign is to create a much safer nightlife in Queenstown than what is here at present. We aim to reduce the shocking crimes committed in venues within Queenstown’s nightlife by 50% in 15 months.

Yes, you read that correctly, 50% in 15 months.

How on Earth are we going to do that?

In Stages… It will be scaffolded from initialisation to complete management, under a strategic plan which has been designed and constructed by 2000 Senior Security Personnel from over 90 Countries around the World.

These people are not from any government, they are not Councillors or the Police. They are not paid by the government or represent any bodies of such.

Who they are, are members of the community. People who believe in safer communities. They have come together to face this horrific crime rate head on. For you, for me, for the community. Now, and in years to come.

These Senior Security Personnel all are members of the global organization called, ‘The Bouncers Around the World’.

In the section of this formal blog called ‘Research’ you will be able to see what has been tried and failed and why we believe that all attempts at tackling the crime rate has always fundamentally failed.

But most importantly, why we believe that this Strategic Plan created by ‘Senior Security Personnel’ will work.

The Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign is a collaboration of Senior members from all fields of the Hospitality Industry here in Queenstown.
They have come together with Senior Security Personnel from 6 Countries: England, The United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Germany and of course, New Zealand.

These Senior Security Personnel who we will refer to as ‘Chief Administrators’ and ‘Bouncers’ operate and manage the administration side of the campaign.

How does it work? 

The System itself is pretty simple, but it must be always kept at a level of efficiency so as to perform its core function, and that is making sure that violent and sexual predators do not get the chance to hurt, or worse, the patrons and people who go out at night for a drink with their equally law abiding partners, friends and family.

So, how do we prevent predators from getting to their victims?

The first stage in accomplishing the goal of the QVFB Campaign is to Trespass all Violent and Sexual Offenders from all the bars who are members of the QVFB Campaign.

Before, if an offender at a night club or bar assaulted a Patron, these Offenders may or may not have been arrested, and more than likely just told not to come back to that particular Bar.

This Trespass was held only towards the Particular bar of which the event took place. No matter how serious the Offence, the Trespass was only for ONE Bar, which means that the Offender can walk into any other bar in Queenstown and be around victims, and the liquor licence holder or the security welcomed them, because they did not know any of what they should have.

This is one of the functions of the QVFB Campaign, for our Member Bars taking part in stopping the violence and sexual assaults, the Chief Administrators give the liquor licence holder and their Occupiers the choice.

The campaign gives the bars the choice of whether or not they want to Trespass these Offenders. So, for the first Time in history, this choice can be given. We say that the choice should have been there from the start, but nobody thought it was that important and if they did, they didn’t act upon it.

The Chief Administrators Role. 

The Chief Administrators of the QVFB Campaign give the licence holder the Choice.

Now whenever an event takes place of a Violent or Sexual Nature, within the Night life scene in Queenstown, the Campaign Members receive an Information Packet. This Information Packet contains the information’s upon the Offender and the event.

Along with this Information packet, attached is an AAA Form. This form is an ‘Acknowledge And Agreement’ form.

This is the Choice: The information given allows the ‘Occupier’ of the Campaign Members bar to either ‘Trespass the Offender’ or ‘Not Trespass the Offender’.

If the response is ‘Agree’ then the Bar that is represented in the campaign is placed into a Formal Legal Trespass Notification along with the other campaign members that have also Agreed to Trespass the Offender from their Bars and Nightclubs.

This Trespass Notification is then delivered to the Offender.

Simple. A Simple process that immediately adds not an extra layer of protection to the patrons but really in a lot of cases the ‘Only’ layer of protection and the first of what is to come.m,

This Strong layer of Protection is purpose built for young Kiwi Wahine, to protect them from being  sexually offended, or worse, by some disgusting predator.

Now, the Community is saying that if you are someone that cannot handle your alcohol, someone who thinks it is okay to smash their girlfriends face apart, someone who knows they are a sexual predator,  to them, the Queenstown Community is saying to those someone’s, ‘you are not welcome to be around the good people of the community, that we do not put up with any behaviour which harms our Kiwi women, or that hurts the friendly guy next door because he just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time’. In a lawful town, every place is our place. It should be a safe place.

No more. Times up. 

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